Precision Fitness Tracking Unleashed

Introducing the Smartmask™, a high-precision wearable for the champions of tomorrow.

The Smartmask

Real information for real results.

The patent-pending Smartmask™ is a wearable that precisely measures key aerobic and metabolic efficiency metrics, allowing you to effectively optimise your performance.

Its precision comes from tracking breath flow and composition in real-time, instead of proxies like heart-rate that 'guesstimate' metrics.

The Smartmask's™ mobile and easy-to-breathe design make it perfect for use anywhere, and anytime.

Why The Smartmask?

Because we don’t believe in ‘good enough’, and neither do you.


Why pay thousands of dollars if you don't need to? The Smartmask™ delivers the high-quality information you'd expect while remaining affordable.

Highly Accurate

As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. The Smartmask™ ensures the delivery of accurate breath-by-breath information wherever and whenever you need to be.

Fully Mobile

A compact, lightweight, and comfortable design that maximizes comfort and ease-of-breathe, so don't worry about those long training sessions in the middle of summer.

What Does It Measure?


Oxygen Consumption

Monitor your body’s efficiency to use oxygen.

VO2 Max

Maximal Oxygen Consumption

Find out your maximum consumption efficiency.


Carbon Dioxide Production

Track how well you get rid of carbon dioxide.


Air Quality

Helps avoid locations and times where air quality is poor.


Resting Metabolic Rate

Improve nutrition with calorie-burn at rest data.


Respiratory Quotient

Find out if you’re burning fat or carbohydrates.


Respiratory Rate

Control hyperventilation and avoid respiratory problems.


Tidal Volume

Helps detect factors that affect air intake.

Precise Everywhere

Whether you plan on staying indoors or you're going for a circuit around town, for virtually any environment and situation, the Smartmask™ has got you covered.

Most people don’t really know what their VO2 is because you need to go to a lab, which most can't. I can see myself using this at home or on ride someday.

Competitive Cyclist


It makes sense to use better tools like this because the fine-tuning it allows for brings the gains in performance required to win a competition.

Personal Trainer


Accurate measurements are really important: anything that tries to extrapolate my VO2 Max is always hopelessly out! This would be a game-changer!

Professional Athlete


The Unlimiteam

Unlimitech's team brings together decades of experience in consumer electronics development, sports science, and sports competition and training. All the skills and passion required to build the future of precision fitness tracking!




Technology Advisor


Sports Science Advisor


Product Advisor

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