Unlimitech Unlocks New Opportunities in China

  • December 20, 2019

Last week, Unlimitech went on tour to China as part of a roadshow comprised of British technology start-ups, technology transfer consultants, and representatives of the University of Cambridge.

The cities visited during the roadshow were Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Zhencheng, and the conversations held there involved representatives from the Chinese government, research institutions, universities and private investment firms.

In Hangzhou, Unlimitech was invited to participate as an observer to a signing ceremony between Zhejiang’s provincial government and the China-Ukraine Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CUAT), thus officially launching the “International Talent Roadshow Center”: a programme aimed at fostering international technological incubation and institutional cooperation.

Later on, Unlimitech presented its new Smartmask™ proposal to a panel of scientists and technology experts and was shortlisted as a candidate for the new programme.

In Guangzhou, Unlimitech participated in the “Forum of The University of Cambridge and British High-Tech Companies“.

Amongst the attendants to the forum were notable examples such as top executives from Ping An Real State’s investment arm and Sun Fortune Capital, as well as representatives from major local universities and the local press.

After presentations by the forum’s organizers and by representatives of the University of Cambridge, Unlimitech was again invited to present and thereafter had the opportunity to engage in further conversations with the attendants about its innovative proposal.

The final part of the roadshow, which took place in the district of Zhencheng, saw Unlimitech participating in a conversation between representatives of the University of Cambridge, technology transfer consultants, and Zhengcheng’s district Mayor and other government officials.

The successful roadshow thus unlocks new, interesting collaboration opportunities for Unlimitech in China with both public and private institutions.

A big thank you to the organizers for kindly inviting us to take part in these events and to our hosts in Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Zhengcheng!